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Hello everyone!!! We're Marcus and Budinsky and we are just going to briefly throw out some rules to protect you from being banned from the forums and server. Please note that we personally are not affected if you do get banned... we just don't want anyone to get banned. Also, if you are a member of jagex, working for jagex in any way, friend of anyone associated with jagex in any way, or a family member of one, then you may not go past this page. So let’s get started!!!

Rule Number 1:No Spamming/Flaming
Do not post useless junk on the forums. We want to keep this forum for a long time so just like your room; we need it nice and clean. This means you don’t go on the server and start having arguments and spamming servers, random gibberish, and other stuff that isn’t normal. Flaming is the hostile and insulting interaction between two or more Internet users. For a full definition on flaming, click the link below.


Rule Number 2:No Posting of Virus Infested Files
If you purposely post files that contain viruses, or any other harmful material (including nude pictures ) you will be banned without warning. You will then receive an email from one of the staff stating why you have been banned. To let us know that you have scanned the file you are posting for viruses, post a picture of a virus scan that you have done of the files. You can do this by pressing the "PRINT SCREEN" key which is usually located beside the "SCROLL LOCK" key at the top of your keyboard, however, there are variations in keyboard layout.Once you have done that, open Microsoft Paint and paste your image. This will copy wour whole screen into a picture. Save and post. If you have not posted a picture of the scan, then the file will most likely be removed.

Rule Number 3:Obey and Respect all Players/Staff Members
This is the most important rule and if not followed, then extreme measures will be taken. The staff work long and hard to keep the forums and server a friendly environment and disrespecting them will not be tolerated. Also, disrespecting any player is considered against the rules and will have consequences. If any member is found disrespecting anyone, then they will be warned first and if it happens again, the player will be muted.

Rule Number 4:Do Not Swear On Server/ Forums
We all want to sometimes, but remember, many members don't want to see people swearing like no tomorrow on both server and forums. Please refrain yourself from using swear words. If not followed, there will be consequences. HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Rule Number 5:Do Not Encourage Others to Break Rules
Put simply, don't do it. If someone does come to you and tells you to break rules, then please report to an admin or a mod, on a forum this can be done by Private Messaging a staff member. To send a PM, simply click on the staff members profile page and send them the whole story. Please do not declare that so and so pressured you to break the rules on the shoutbox... This is supposed to be confidential and this could confuse many people and lead into arguments.

Rule Number 6:Make Meaningful and useful Posts
Do not make posts that are limited to one word or sentence answers. We want all posts to mean something, not so you can raise your post count. For example, if someone asks you "What is your favorite Video Game?", then please don't just write something like “I like Pie". This has nothing to do with the topic and it just counts as spam. Also, please search the forums before creating similar topics. This epically goes for guides.

Rule Number 7:Don't Double Post or Spam
Again, if you do this you will first be warned and then if this continues, then you will be banned. This forums is not about having the highest post count, it’s about having fun. Double posting is strictly forbidden and will be edited by one of the staff. I will then leave a little note reminding you not to double post. Spam is only tolerated in the "Off Topic" forum, but it still has some boundaries, like no sexual content.

Rule Number 8:Do Not Start Meaningless Topics
Please don't start topics to increase your post count. They will just be deleted. If you happen to see a topic that fits this description, please "Report" that topic or send a PM to a staff member with the link of that topic.

Rule Number 9:Signatures and Avatars
Signatures are a privilege and if abused, they will be taken away. No signature should be so big that it changes the original format of the forums. The recommended size for signatures is 400 x 200 Pixels. Also, please try to keep your signatures/avatars clean. (By that I mean no racism, sexual content, or offensive messages.) If someone has a problem with a members signature/ avatar, please try to solve it peacefully, or send a Private message to a staff member to deal with.

Rule Number 10:PkingNo PvP glitching. Pjing, tagging, and luring are allowed.

Rule Number 11:Obey All These Rules
It's important that you obey by all the forum rules if you don't want to be banned.

Rule Number 12:Report All Rule Breakers/Glitches
It is important that you report all rule breakers and glitches to staff immediately after you encounter them. This will improve the overall game play for all members. If you are caught glitch abusing or helping rule breakers, you will be banned without warning. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Rule Number 13:DO NOT Ask For Moderator OR Administrator Status
This is NOT a second hand server. We pick our staff by hand from people who stand out from others. This means they follow rules, help others when in need and help the community whenever they can (that means advertising and other stuff), and active on forums and the server. If you ask for it, depending on whoever you asked, you will be warned, muted, banned, and won’t ever become one. Also, don't try to refer people for moderator/ admin status. The owners will pick them. If you are caught trying to get staff position by cheating or try to refer members as staff, you will be warned. If you are not active on both server and forums, your changes of being mod are very low! You must be active on both forums and server to be selected for staff member.

Rule Number 14:Don't Abuse The Shout Box
Please do not spam, make racist comments , curse, flame, or say anything that you wouldn't say to your moms face. This will not be tolerated and if you are caught doing anything above, you will be dealt with.

These forums were created for you guys, so that you can enjoy doing what you like to do. It’s here and it will always be here, unless you all stop posting. So be active on forums AND in game.

Those are the rules and guidelines of this forum and in game. Please don't break them and most of all...HAVE FUN!!!

ALSO REMEMBER TO VOTE DAILY!!! The links for voting are everywhere on he forums, so there is no excuse for you not voting daily. It's the least you can do for us.

So the power to be responsible is in YOUR hands, use it wisely.

Unholy Fury Management,

Marcus and Budinsky